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Now that we have created our project, we need to add a couple of necessary JMS
resources, a JMS destination (Queue or Topic), and a JMS connection factory. When
using GlassFish as our application server, we can create these resources directly
from NetBeans.
Creating a JMS destination
JMS destinations are an intermediate location where JMS producers place messages,
and JMS consumers retrieve them. When using the Point To Point ( PTP ) Messaging
Domain, JMS destinations are message queues, where with the Publish/Subscribe
Messaging Domain, the destination is a message topic.
In our example we will be using the PTP messaging domain, therefore we need
to create a message queue, and the procedure to create a message topic is almost
In order to create a message queue, we need to click on File | New File , select
GlassFish from the Categories list, and JMS Resource from the File Types list.
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