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At this point we are ready to use our interceptor, after executing the above code, and
examining the GlassFish log, we can see our interceptor binding type in action.
The lines entering saveCustomer method and leaving saveCustomer method were
added to the log by our interceptor, which was indirectly invoked by our interceptor
binding type.
In this chapter, we covered NetBeans support for Contexts and Dependency Injection
(CDI), a new Java EE API introduced in Java EE 6. We provided an introduction
to CDI, and explained additional functionality that the CDI API provides over
standard JSF. We also covered how to disambiguate CDI injected beans via CDI
Qualifiers. Additionally, we covered how to group together CDI annotations via
CDI Stereotypes. Finally, we saw how CDI can help us with Aspect-Oriented
Programming via Interceptor Binding Types.
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