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Usually the defaults for Project Location and Project Folder are sensible; therefore it
makes sense to leave them alone.
In the next screen, we need to select the modules to be included in our enterprise
application. Create EJB Module and Create Web Application Module are selected
by default, in our example we will create an application client module and won't
be creating a web application module, therefore we need to uncheck and check the
corresponding checkboxes.
When choosing to create an application client module, the package of the main class
defaults to the project name, in lowercase. This package name does not conform
to standard Java package naming conventions, that by default start with a domain
name "backwards" ( com.companyname for a domain name of ).
Therefore it is a good idea to modify this default to a value that does conform to the
standard convention.
Once we click on Finish , we should see three new projects in our Project window.
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