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For RDBMS systems that are not supported out-of-the-box, we need to
obtain a JDBC driver and let NetBeans know of its location by selecting
New Driver from the Name combo box. We then need to navigate to the
location of a JAR file containing the JDBC driver. Consult your RDBMS
documentation for details.
JavaDB is installed in our workstation, therefore the server name to use is
localhost . By default, JavaDB listens to port 1527, therefore that is the port we
specify in the URL. We wish to connect to a database called jpaintro , therefore
we specify it as the database name. Since the jpaintro database does not exist yet,
we pass the attribute create=true to JavaDB, this attribute is used to create the
database if it doesn't exist yet. The user name and password we specify above will
be automatically added to the newly created schema.
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