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Creating a JSP fragment in NetBeans
To create a JSP fragment in NetBeans, we simply need to go to File | New File , select
Web as the category, then JSP as the file type. We then fill out all the information in
the New JSP File window as usual, making sure to check the Create as JSP Segment
NetBeans suggests placing the JSP fragment under WEB-INF/jspf , the reason for
this is that any files under the WEB-INF folder are not directly accessible via the web
browser. Since JSP fragments are not full JSPs, most of the time they won't render
properly in a web browser by themselves, therefore it is a good idea to follow
NetBeans' suggestion.
NetBeans will automatically create the WEB-INF/jspf folder for us if it
doesn't already exist.
At this point, NetBeans generates our page with some trivial content meant to be
replaced with something else.
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