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People Design | Know your market
As anyone who is old enough to remember New Coke knows, it can be a
very dangerous thing to mess with an established brand. So, when partners Kevin
Budelmann and Yang Kim decided to replace BBK Design, their
award-winning design studio, with a refocused consultancy—People
Design—they knew they were taking a radical step. After years of
targeting marketing departments, they selected a new audience:
corporate leaders who were looking for an innovative, integrated
approach to their users' experience.
The People Design website needed to do some heavy lifting
in order to reassure existing customers while convincing a new audi-
ence that they could deliver on an ambitious agenda. They decided
to reorganize and redesign their existing portfolio to make it equally easy for their
audience to see their work across multiple categories for single clients as well as
Future clients are
clearly looking to see
if we are an inspiring,
reliable, and effective
resource, and we show
them that we are.
—Kevin Budelmann
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