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Jonnie Hallman. As talented as Williams and with a shared aesthetic, he was a natural
person to ask for help. Initially, Williams asked for “just” Flash tutoring. Hallman,
knowing exactly what a time sinkhole that would be, secretly knocked out the initial
programming as a personal challenge while they shared a movie rental.
When Luke decided to improve the site for version two, the favor for a friend
evolved into a partnership, with Williams driving the concept and tweaking the design
details while Hallman provided a working process that included design alternatives,
feasibility feedback, and programming implementation. The result is an unqualified
success, both as the embodiment of Luke's personal vision and as an example of part-
nering at its best.
After the viewer selects a
project, a set of gray
windows sized to each
project image builds on
the screen, focusing your
attention and defining the
viewing area.
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