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Mike Cefaratti makes his living as a freelancer. Although he
doesn't include a bio on his site, his résumé is readily
available for viewing or downloading to encourage potential
clients to examine his impressive experience.
when they look for information on your prior—or current—employer. If you
are actively looking for a new job while you're still employed or have had
issues with a former employer that might come up in an interview, this
information might be better left less accessible.
Contact. Handing out your résumé without requiring any contact takes a
possible point of control away from you. After all, your résumé is only
important to a company if they are already intrigued by your work. If they
email to request the résumé, you have instantaneous feedback on your site.
You also have an opportunity to present yourself in a less formal, more per-
sonal way—and gain a contact name for future mailings.
Confidence. A résumé online can imply less skill and accomplishment than
you have. A recent college graduate in photography or illustration may
already have a solid collection of work from commissions, co-ops, and intern-
ships or personal projects. Drawing attention to your youth may imply inex-
perience to a potential client, when your work says “professional.”
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