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5. Exclusive of school, I have been working in my chosen profession for:
< 1 year
7-10 years
1-3 years
10+ years
3-7 years
(Don't count time spent unemployed if you didn't freelance at least part-time.)
6. Rate your skills (not your raw talent) in your primary area:
A master of my craft
Better than average
Have lots to teach others
About average
Better than most
Still learning
7. Why are you making a digital portfolio? Check all that apply:
Creative outlet
Employed, looking for a job
Required for school
Client marketing tool
About to graduate
Professional project record
Unemployed, looking for a job
Need the technical practice
8. If your portfolio needs are job-related, check the statements that apply to you:
I'll take any job I can get in my profession.
I want a job similar to one I have or had.
I want a job at a higher responsibility level.
I want to do specialized work in my profession. Name the area:
My previous jobs were unfulfilling. I want to do something different.
What I haven't liked about my jobs:
I want/need to change my creative profession.
My current profession is
and I want to be
a (job title).
9. If your portfolio needs are client-related, check the statements that apply to you:
I am happy with the type of clients I currently have but need more work.
I want to specialize in specific industries or types of work. Name the area:
I want to add to or change what I've specialized in. I currently specialize in
(name of area) and want to specialize in
(name of area).
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