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The crowded gaming marketplace
means that we always have to be
one idea ahead, and that we have
to implement that idea quickly.
—Jay Laird
Game developer sites have to be very sticky.
The idea is that, the longer you spend playing, explor-
ing, and enjoying, the more likely it is that you will
become a client or a dedicated user. A variety of con-
tent is key to making this happen. Metaversal is
known for the range and diversity of their game topics
and gameplay, and for their quality visuals. They combine traditional word games with
wryly topical quizzes. Their special event games, from the Halloween ZombieDrop
to the Thanksgiving game pitting turkeys against Pilgrims, are visually adept, fun to
play, and display the kind of twisted humor that many game developers reach for but
seldom grasp.
Reel structure and content
Metaversal's demo reel is not very long, but it feels very rich and packed with
content. The first images blast the message that the reel will take you on a fast-paced
journey as you speed by planets and dance through musical clefs before being intro-
duced to the first of many beautifully-conceived and rendered game animations.
One of many delightful time-wasters on
the Metaversal site is T-Day, which sends
turkeys back in time to try to prevent the
Pilgrims from landing and bringing
Thanksgiving Day into existence. The
turkeys, being turkeys, neglect to bring
any weapons, so you use a slingshot to
throw them into the air toward their
targets. You fight on the seas, fight in the
air, fight on the ground, and turn into
roasters if you fail. The inevitable result is
made palatable by the smooth and
responsive gameplay and the rich
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