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The other way to handle the challenge is to create and maintain a wrapper
portfolio that clearly defines your different skills and allows the audience to download
the reel, or view the section, that is relevant to them.
Wrapping the reel
Creating a wrapper for your reel is essentially the same thing as creating a reg-
ular disc or online portfolio, with your reel as the jewel at its center. The wrapper
allows multitalented people the opportunity to show their ability to handle another
visual medium, and is particularly useful for, say, a 3D animator or video pro who
wants to be seen as the perfect jack-of-all-trades for a small animation studio or game
developer. If you are not such a person, don't wing it on the wrapper. Read the section
on Partnering in Chapter 1, “Assessment and Adapation," and find a graphic designer.
If you are planning on a DVD menu, be sure to create a structure with sub-
menus, as covered in Chapter 10, “Designing a Portfolio Interface.” You'll find that you
have to consider many of the same issues for a DVD menu as you would encounter for
a website, from grouping to a site map.
Either way, make sure you have a reel version that is small and fast enough to
play on your website, and link it to a downloadable high-resolution version. Provide
full-length versions of the best pieces in your reel if you own the rights to them, and
if you do not, provide links to the studio that does own the rights.
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