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Chapter 10
Designing a
Portfolio Interface
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Chapter 9 provided a conceptual framework for
thinking about your interface and how it's orga-
nized. This chapter is all about process—what you
need to know to move from concept to implemen-
tation on a portfolio interface. What follows is crit-
ical if you've never made an interface before—or
have only done so by the seat of your pants.
Process can sound boring, especially when you
think you have a brilliant idea for the way your
interface should look. In fact, a good, honest pro-
cess can be the reason a brilliant idea remains
sparkling when it's finished. Without it, your inter-
face can turn into an unattractive, haphazard, or
frustrating experience.
Interface design is a specialized discipline that is
still changing rapidly. Even seasoned graphic
designers learn new skills and ways of thinking to
master it. To build an exceptional interface, you
must study user interaction, have a special talent
for organizing data, and be a good visualizer. You
must also know a lot about complex technology
and adhere to many arcane rules so the largest pos-
sible audience can access your material.
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