Graphics Reference
In-Depth Information
Each of these designs uses
the same text and basic HTML
code. The widely various
interfaces are the product of
using CSS to specify fonts, div
blocks, and other web page
( can give you a taste of what you can aspire to without
heavy JavaScript or any Flash.
Simple motion or interaction
With a program like Dreamweaver, moving from a static page to one with
simple interface interaction—rollovers, drop-down menus and the like—is a relatively
small step. Good web layout programs write the JavaScript that runs basic interac-
tivity for you. As a result, you can either design site navigation from scratch, or add
interaction to a static website.
Complex movement and interaction
It is a big step to go from a simple layout to one that takes advantage of
HTML's power. If you want a website that includes animated elements, plays video
inside the page, uses unusual or customized navigation, or simply protects your code
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