Graphics Reference
In-Depth Information
To make a simple slideshow using QuickTime
Pro, name all your files sequentially (see the
Bulk Renaming sidebar in Chapter 5,
“Organizing Your Work.”). Go to File > Open
Image Sequence, select the first file, and set
your frame rate. When you save the file, be sure
to choose "Save as a self-contained movie."
Static page site
A static website is one that doesn't contain any interactive coding. That doesn't
mean there's no navigation. A static page can have text links between pages, as well
as links from thumbnails to larger, higher-quality images.
Static pages are one step up from a site created with a portfolio helper,
because they give you more freedom to design, and you can scale them up as you
learn more about web design and development. In fact, static pages that use CSS
stylesheets can often be very visually sophisticated. The inspiring CSS Zen Garden
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