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Your only design decision in an instant portfolio is curatorial. With a portfolio
helper, you do have some control over the look of your site. The simplest portfolio
helpers start with a selection of templates. These usually offer a limited choice in lay-
out, but allow you to customize colors and fonts. Some go one step further and allow
users who are comfortable with HTML coding to incorporate custom code and
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). If you take advantage of these options, you can quickly
create a site that displays your aesthetics. Two good examples of these options are
iWeb, a free application on the Mac, and Google's Blogger.
In both of these cases, the resulting portfolio website is housed as part of the
service's URL. If you don't want viewers to have to drill down through a group site to
get to your work, it's easy to use simple HTML code to insert this portfolio onto an
otherwise blank web page at your preferred address.
Instead of using web tools for a disc portfolio, you can use software that cre-
ates slideshows. Web layout programs make it relatively easy to combine linear navi-
gation with a simple uploaded player file. A video editor will also create a non-inter-
Blogger is not specifically a
portfolio program, but its
format and flexible tools allow
you to pick a template off the
shelf, or explore customization
options that can make it a
great way to provide a quick
portfolio—and even get some
useful feedback on your work.
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