Graphics Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 0
C h a p t e r 9
Structure and
Intro copy
Y ou've brought all your work onto the computer
and transferred it to an appropriate file format.
You've written sparkling text. You know who you
want to impress, and why. Now, finally, you want
to get your work into a portfolio. Should you start
creating a nav bar and laying out a page?
Not so fast. In order for your interface to be appro-
priate and effective—and not distract badly from
your wonderful work—it needs a foundation. The
foundation is the skeleton that your artwork relies
on to stand up to scrutiny.
A portfolio foundation requires three things: an
appropriate technology, a structure, and a consis-
tent visual concept for your interface. You need to
consider all three before you make a single decision
about graphics or page content. All of these ele-
ments affect one another, and should be influenced
in turn by your work.
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