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Montreal-based digital branding agency
Cloudraker is unafraid to entertain as well as
enlighten. The visitor who, through inattention
or patience, stays on their site without
interacting with it will be treated to the Sherpa
guide's displays of impatience and occasional
indiscreet scratching in tender places.
If you don't have any projects that allow you to show your clever side, you can add some
playful elements to your interface. Your portfolio presentation is a perfect opportunity to let
people peek behind the curtain and see what you can do without client constraints.
Most importantly, consider your audience. If you are primarily targeting small studios and
other creatives, you can probably be a little looser than if you are attempting to speak to
the corporate market. Until you are established and can afford to break the mold, humor in
the business world is best left to personal encounters, not incorporated into your personal
sales tool.
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