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Nothing is more valuable—or trickier—than adding humor to your portfolio. Humor can be a
great leveler. When someone makes us laugh, we instinctively warm to them and often to
their work.
Unless you are as good verbally as you are visually, the best way to add humor to a portfo-
lio is to show it. A project that includes humor can be valuable in a portfolio filled with seri-
ous, restrained work. Don't grab just any funny project, though. Avoid any humor that relies
on putting down others. You never know the sex, religion, age, or ethnicity of a potential
employer or client. And gross-out humor is just as likely to alienate as amus
Animation is often humorous, but you may not get the joke in the snippets
that make up a reel. Vernooij displays his light side immediately in his
interface. Click on the plate to reject the egg his “restaurant” offers, and the
waiter brings you a new one.
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