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ICC color profiles and JPEG files
A color profile holds information about the color space of an image or a device. If every
device you use is calibrated and has a color profile, the computer can translate color
between the devices so you will always see the same colors no matter where your file is.
Photoshop allows you to embed an ICC color profile in an image. And if the browser your
viewer is using is color-managed, i.e. one that reads these profiles, what you show on
screen will be what you expected.
Unfortunately, some browsers (like Microsoft Internet Explorer and most other Windows
browsers) don't read these profiles. They show all artwork with their default profile, which
is sRGB. To gain an accurate assessment of what colors will look like in a browser, prepare
your files in sRGB, and check them in a browser window before you create your portfolio.
These are exactly the
same JPEG file, with the
same ICC profile, captured
on the same monitor and
operating system.
The top image is color
corrected. The bottom
image is how it appears in
a non-corrected browser.
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