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nothing will have more bearing on how your portfolio
is perceived than how much time the viewer must
invest to see it.
The number-one killer on a website
is speed. Corporate clients will run
out of patience. They have high-
speed connections, and they're not
used to waiting.
Optimizing basics
Optimizing is a delicate balance of four ele-
ments: color, image quality, image dimensions, and file
size. The ratio among these elements shifts as technol-
ogy improves. Browser and platform differences still compromise color (see the sidebar
“ICC color profiles and JPEG files” later in the chapter), but good image quality is
readily attainable. So is a large onscreen image size. Unless you have an unusual cli-
—Yang Kim
A graphic image with a mixture of flat areas and smooth blends (upper left)
should be tested as GIF, PNG, and JPEG. Here, the JPEG (upper right) is too
soft, the GIF (lower right) has too many artifacts, and the PNG (lower left) does
the best job of holding onto the crispness of the type while not losing the
image quality.
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