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placement map to give the “book” a curve and a slight, non-destructive
shadow in the center.
• A metallic ink often just looks like a flat color when scanned. Use a camera
instead, and light the piece at an angle to bring out the highlights.
• Ebossing is ipossible to capture in a scan. It's easier in a photograph, par-
ticularly if the embossed piece can be lit to emphasize shadow details. If
that doesn't work, bring the original file into Photoshop, select the embossed
element, and then sharpen its edges. Run a light brush over the insides
where the sharpening effect is too obvious.
Triboro employed a professional photographer
to capture important details about their print
projects. Here, the camera was focused very
close to their self-promotion piece, where ink
selection and embossing are both key. The
result is featured on their website to emphasize
these defining design decisions.
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