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On the site, I use the keywords
to help with searches and to
allow visitors to quickly find all
posts with the same keyword.
—John Locke
The newspaper analogy, however, is not adequate
to the navigation. There are two obvious navigation
methods—the topic menu and the project image grid.
But every project is in a database that can be accessed
by descriptive tags located above its header. Want to see
Locke's studio work at Columbia University's Graduate
School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP)? Select the Studio tag at
the top of a project and the window will reload with only the relevant material.
No matter how many high-resolution images there are in a project, the reload is
extremely fast, so skipping around is encouraged.
Lion in Oil's design and photography often
appear as featured projects on Locke's
Gracefulspoon site, making it more than just
a record of school projects.
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