Graphics Programs Reference
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specii c tone of red can be identii ed and matched by its numeric distribution
between the red, green and blue values. Dif erent numbers describe a dif erent
Proi les are embedded into the image data providing a dei nition of what these
color numbers mean in terms of actual colors we can see, and consequently
make translations from one device to another. In this translation, the dif erences
in the color spaces of each device are reconciled as much as possible. Precision
matches, however, are incredibly dii cult because there are inherently dif erent
abilities and limitations to reproduce color with each device.
This color interpretation is just like how international policy and issues of
world af airs are discussed in the United Nations among ambassadors who
speak many dif erent languages. Proi les are the digital equivalent to the
translators that interpret the dialogue between ambassadors from one
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