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Chapter 2
Elementary Processes Involving Rydberg
Molecules in a Strong Laser Field
Gennady V. Golubkov
Abstract Possibilities of the quasi-classical, Born, and semiclassical approxima-
tions for the description of the processes of bremsstrahlung, multiphoton ionization,
and elastic and inelastic atomic collisions in the field of intensive laser radiation
are considered. Large energy of electrons is a general characteristic for the
specified processes in which ponderomotive interaction plays the important role.
For processes with participation of slow electrons, proceeding near an ionization
continuum border, the ponderomotive interaction has weak influence. Features of
processes with participation of slow electrons and molecular ions in a strong light
field, which proceed through a stage of intermediate Rydberg complex formation,
are discussed. The main feature of these complexes is connected with the presence
of the strong nonadiabatic connection of electronic and nuclear movement. For
description of its display in various elementary processes, the perturbation theory
is essentially inapplicable. The inverse problem in a possibility of restoration of the
spectroscopic parameters entering into the theory of multichannel quantum defect
is discussed.
Keywords Rydberg molecule ￿ Elementary process ￿ Strong laser field
The elementary processes involving diatomic Rydberg molecules XY ** can be
represented schematically as follows. First of all, they include the collisional
e C XY C
e C XY C
, XY
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