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Fig. 1.18 Schematic illustration of potential curves quasi-crossing in the case of collisions of two
highly excited atoms (rubidium)
The temperature dependence of the total chemoionization rate constant k AI C k PI
and the branching for the factor are calculated in the framework of the dipole
resonance model for the Li( n 2 P) C Na collision with the formation of (LiNa) C
Li C ions in the case of the filled vapor cell (Ignatovic et al. 2008 ).
The theoretical works just cited on the calculation of the constants of the
chemo-ionization processes in varying degrees use the so-called dipole model of
the resonant mechanism proposed by Smirnov and Mihajlov ( 1971b ) for inelastic
processes involving Rydberg atoms (see also Ianev and Mihajlov 1980 ).
Binary Collisions of Two Rydberg Atoms
The following process can proceed in collisions of two Rydberg atoms at thermal
and subthermal energies (Fig. 1.18 ).
! A C C A C e ;
! A 2 C C e ;
! A C C .A/ :
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