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spectrum picture are included in the consideration. For example, in the presence
of predissociative valent configurations their level widths could exceed significantly
the distance between the Rydberg levels (Golubkov and Ivanov 1990 ). Giving all
these circumstances, the approach developed by Lombardi and Seligman ( 1993 )
should be regarded as a model, although not without its appeal.
The science of “quantum chaos,” having been actively developed during the past
20 years, is still fairly young. As we can see, it is still far from completeness for
investigating molecular systems. As in the stationary formulation of the problem
random effects are absent, and the quantum mechanics of excited molecules is in
itself a complex and self-discipline, chaotic solutions can occur in exotic situations
using the approximate approaches only. The ranges of applicability of these ap-
proximations are not always obvious, although sometimes they can lead to positive
results. This limitation is especially true of the Coulomb problem, where a striking
example of this kind is the coincidence of the results of the numerical calculations of
the dipole elements (Picart and Edmonds 1979 ), and of analytical ones (Golubkov
et al. 1996b ), obtained in the semiclassical approximation, respectively.
Chemo-Ionization Involving Atoms in Low-Lying
Excited States
Let us now discuss the experimental facts accumulated over the past two decades
that are an illustration of the theory just presented and put it ahead of fundamentally
new problems. Therefore it is natural that we begin with a presentation of the results
obtained for the AI and PI reactions involving atoms in low-lying excited states.
Metastable Atoms
Pair Collisions of Metastable Atoms of Inert Gases
Shock radiation kinetics of plasma taking into account the electron-atom and photo
processes does not overlap all possible types of the charged particle balance in the
plasma. For example, the ionization processes involving He(2 3 S) atoms can proceed
through the following channels:
He 2 3 S C He 2 3 S ! He C C He C e
! He 2 C C e
He 2 3 S He 2 1 S ! He C C He C e
! He 2 C C e
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