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M c
E ˇ :
To illustrate the foregoing theory we consider the reaction
N 2 D C O 3 P ! NO C X 1 C C e ; E ˇ D 0:38 eV
The dependence of the total cross section for this reaction on the energy of the
colliding particles was measured by Ringer and Gentry ( 1979 ), where it was shown
that the process is most effective when the nitrogen atom is in the metastable
2 D-state and the oxygen atom is in the ground 3 P-state. The valent term positions
of the molecule NO were taken from Lee ( 1977 ), where it is shown that the ion term
U i intersects with the diabatic terms of three valence configurations A 02 C ; B 2 …,
and B 02 near the equilibrium position. The state B 02 interacts with the Rydberg
ndı 2 X 1 C -series. The configuration A 02 C
(correlating with the ground
N 4 S and O 3 P states) interacts with the p 2 C X 1 C -series. It is populated
by the Landau-Zener transition from the term I 1 C (the intersection occurs at
the distance R c 3, which lies outside the main transition region). The state B 2
interacts with the p 2 X 1 C series. We have not considered the configuration
L 2 … because of the smallness of the corresponding coupling constants (Golubkov
and Ivanov 2001 ).
The general rule is when the atoms N 2 D and O 3 P approach and produce the
nine valence states with the spin of 1/2, which spin weight is equal to 1/3. These
states include three (two 2 C and one 2 ) nondegenerate and six (respectively,
three 2 …,two 2 , and one 2 ˆ) doubly degenerate states, the statistical weight of
which is defined as g ˇ D s ˇ =45,wheres ˇ is the degeneracy. The configuration
interaction ˇ characterizes the splitting of the Rydberg and the valence disso-
ciative terms and is related to the value V ˇ by the relationship ˇ D 1=2 V ˇ .The
characteristics of the dissociative terms
ˇ ˇ ˇ ˇ
ˇ ˇ ˇ ˇ R .ˇ/
; ˇ D U ˇ U i R e
dU ˇ
F ˇ D
the potential splitting values, and the corresponding statistical weights of these
configurations are taken from Golubkov and Ivanov ( 2001 ).
The calculation results performed using the formula ( 1.35 ), taking into account
the three vibrational states ( v D 0, 1, and 2) of the ion NO C ,areshowninFig. 1.5 .
When calculating the total cross section corresponding to the partial cross section
for the term A 02 C , the term was multiplied by the probability of transition from the
I 1 C term, which is given by the Landau-Zener model with the V IA 0
D 6 10 3 ,the
D 1:22 10 1 , and the energy E .c/
D 2:1 10 2 at
difference in the strength F IA 0
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