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One can see that the thermal power P T of the output airflow is close to the electric
power value P E applied by the wire heater. So, these calorimetric measurements are
correct and accurate ones (heat power losses were small in this setup). Therefore,
the conclusion about the extra power release in the vortex plasmoid is correct also.
Study of a Longitudinal Plasmoid in a Free High-Speed
Swirl Flow
Studies of the longitudinal vortex plasmoid created by a capacity-coupled high-
frequency discharge in the free high-speed swirl airflow were carried out in this
work for the first time. The experimental setup SWT-1F used in these experiments
is shown in Figs. 6.1 and 6.15 . A swirl generator was connected with a vacuum
chamber by a conical nozzle in this experiment.
The conical nozzle had the following dimensions and parameters:
Contraction angle 60 ı
Outer diameter 20 mm
The experimental conditions were the following:
Mach number of axial flow
M x < 0.3
Mach number of tangential flow
M t < 0.3
Testing gas
Flow static pressure
P st
100 Torr
Fig. 6.15 Scheme of blow-down experimental setup SWT-1F. 1 Swirl generator, 2 grounded
forming duct, 3 conical nozzle, 4 optical window, 5 capacity-coupled high-frequency discharge,
6 needle high-frequency electrode, 7 pressure sensors (grid)
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