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Fig. 4.4 Statistical averages of the thermospheric neutral wind velocity magnitude above 80 ı
magnetic latitude ( upper panel ) and its orientation (wind vector azimuth, counted from high
noon clockwise; lower panel ) in dependence of the IMF orientation. The horizontal dotted line
in the lower panel stands for purely anti-sunward wind direction. The abscissa specifies here, as in
Fig. 4.3 , the IMF orientation, sorted into eight separate sectors of 45 ı width, i.e., Sector 0 stands for
purely northward-directed IMF, Sector 2 for B y C , and Sector 4 is equivalent to southward-directed
IMF,andsoforth. Dashed curves indicate the variances. Northern ( black line ) and southern ( red
line ) neutral wind responses to the solar wind and IMF forcing show a different behavior (see also
tables 1 and 2 in F orster et al. 2008 )
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