HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Starting Your Project
Using HTML5
HTML provides a good starting point for any web project. It essentially gives you
a skeleton for you to work with when enhancing the web page with CSS (visual
style) and JavaScript (interactivity). For the three workshops in this topic
(HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript), you will progressively enhance a mobile web
application called MoMemo. MoMemo will take advantage of the following
HTML/HTML5 features.
JavaScript APIs
CSS3 transitions
Media queries
HTML5 video/audio
Offline storage
In this chapter, you will learn three different methods to lay out your web pages,
depending on the type of mobile web application you are making.
You will also begin to create the framework for the MoMemo application in
HTML. Before this, you will learn how to take a mobile application from an idea,
to requirements gathering, to IA, and finally coding it in HTML5. You will also
briefly touch upon application caching, a feature that allows you to dictate what
elements get cached on the user's mobile device and how to fall back onto files
that shouldn't be cached when there is no network connection.
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