HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Open the page in your device's browser; you will see something similar to
Figure 3-23.
Figure 3-23. Audio in HTML5
Click the play button and you will hear audio through your device's speakers or
headphones. You can create a custom player with your own UI using the
HTML5 audio tag. This will be covered in Chapter 7.
HTML5 Mobile Forms
Forms can be a dull and boring subject, both for the user filling them out and the
developer creating them. Remember how irritating it was the last time you filled
out a registration form on a computer, and now imagine how irritating filling out
that same form would be if you were on a device with a small screen and
without a mouse and keyboard.
Working with forms for mobile is no different than working with forms for the
general web. Consideration must be taken for the layout of the form due to the
restricted screen size and how much information you really need to collect from
your users. Figure 3-24 shows the difference between's car
insurance quote forms for mobile and desktop.
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