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Figure 3-17. HTML5 video inline with the content
Tap the play button and the video will begin to buffer and play. As of Android
4+, Android Browser will play video inline with content instead of automatically
going to full screen. This poses a small problem, as it presents inconsistencies
between how video is handled with newer and legacy devices. The solution to
this is to automatically enlarge video using the JavaScript video API to full
screen. This will be covered in Chapter 7.
Optimizing Audio for the Mobile Web
Fortunately, Bits on the Run also supports audio encoding and hosting for the
web. However, as encoding audio is significantly less CPU intensive than
encoding video, you can use desktop software to do this. The most popular
free, cross-platform audio application is Audacity. You can download and install
the current stable beta version from the Audacity web site at .
The same rules apply when encoding audio for the mobile web.
Ensure the file size is small.
Ensure the quality of the final audio is good enough to be
heard through headphones and small speakers.
As with video encoding, you will need to find a happy medium between quality
and file size. Unlike video, where the user must focus on both the audio and
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