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You will be presented with the ''Upload new video: Step 1'' dialog box, similar to
that shown in Figure 3-15.
Figure 3-15. “Upload new video: Step 1” dialog
Enter the appropriate information into the fields. As this is a test video, you can
choose anything you like. From here on, ''My Video'' will refer to the video that
you have just uploaded. Click the ''Continue to upload'' button.
You should now be in Step 2 of the ''Upload new video'' dialog. Click the
Browse button, as shown in Figure 3-16, and select any video you wish to use
as a sample video. Ensure you select a video that is less than 100 MB;
otherwise, you might have to wait quite a while for the test video to upload.
Figure 3-16. “Upload new video: Step 2” dialog
After the upload completes, Bits on the Run will begin the encoding process.
Your video will now be ready for embedding. You can both download the video
and copy it to your mobile web project or link directly to it using the src attribute
in the <video /> element. The advantage of downloading it is that you do not
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