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Figure 3-8. Encoding options on
Desktop Solutions
Desktop encoding solutions are perfect for small encoding runs. If you have a
low-spec computer, be prepared to head to the closest pub for a beer or two
while you leave a fan on next to your computer to stop it from overheating!
Encoding videos requires large amounts of processing power and can take
several seconds to render a single frame. This process can be time consuming.
The better the processor in your computer, the shorter the encoding time will be.
Using the command-line tools, such as FFMPEG and Mencoder, instead of the
GUIs that provide an interface for them, can have its advantages. For instance, it
gives you the ability to trigger encoding jobs from a server-side script written in
Python, PHP, or Ruby. You can also wrap the various encoding parameters in a
bash script. This allows you to potentially batch encode a folder full of videos, all
at once.
The simplest free desktop solution for Windows and Mac is Miro Video
Converter, shown in Figure 3-9.
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