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Table 3-7. HTML5 Audio Suggested Containers and Codec Combinations
Audio Codec
Supporting these two containers and codecs should provide enough support for
all Android devices without requiring you to do mass amounts of batch
encoding and testing.
Optimizing Video for the Mobile Web
You should now have an understanding of the complexities of encoding video
for the mobile web. There are dozens of applications that will allow you to
encode video for the web. Some of these are free and open source desktop
applications (such as Easy HTML5 Video for Mac/Windows, and the new Miro
Video Encoder for Mac/Windows), and others are hosted, web-based solutions
that also provide support to host your videos online (such as,, or
You should use the best encoding solution to suit your needs.
Hosted Solutions
Hosted solutions are perfect for on-demand encoding, and if you wish to offload
a lot of your site traffic to another server. Most of the hosting solutions provide
APIs that allow you to push videos to their service over the web. After the video
has finished encoding, you will be given a URL, which can be used to embed
your video. They will usually consume a video encoded in any format, and
encoding usually takes minutes. The hosted solutions will also provide a list of
common encoding options based on device or format.
The simplest to use of these hosted solutions is, though and offer more control over how you encode your
videos, as shown in Figure 3-7.
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