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<section />
The <section /> element can be used to define a section within an HTML5
document. You can use the <section /> tag to group together common
elements, such as chapters for a blog post or product information for an
ecommerce web site. A common misconception is to replace all <div />
elements with <section /> elements. If you are using <section /> elements to
help with styling or scripting and not for creating a semantic document, you
should probably use a <div /> with a class.
Listing 3-21 shows how to use a <section /> element to group together
comments on a blog post.
Listing 3-21. Using a Section Element in HTML5
<h1>Article Title</h1>
Created by Daniel Carpenter on
<time pubdate="2012-03-15">March 15<sup>th</sup> 2012</time>
<p>Article Content</p>
<section class="comments">
<article id="comment-1">
From Becci Buckley on
<time pubdate="2012-03-15">March 20<sup>th</sup> 2012</time>
<p>This is a great article Dan, it might need some work :D</p>
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