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( ), an d Selenium (
or ). It' s important to
remember that although TDD seems like a laborious task at first, it really allows
you to think about your code and the way in which it is structured, which helps
to produce cleaner, leaner JavaScript.
You should have a basic understanding as to how to use Git and GitHub
through Aptana Studio, and the benefits that it has not just for you as a lone
developer, but for others who eventually work with you.
Most important, you should now know how to set up Capistrano, a powerful
deployment application that is primarily used to deploy rails applications. It is
worth having a look at the Capistrano documentation to explore all of its
capabilities. Find it at .
This topic should have set you on the right path for mobile web development.
Some of the topics might have seemed a bit advanced; however, I feel that it's
always important to stay ahead of the curve and to challenge yourself as much
as you can with development, as the industry moves so fast. Hopefully, some of
the practices and principles that you have learned through this topic have gotten
you excited about the mobile web. You should now have all of the knowledge
you need to build reasonably advanced mobile web applications for Android.
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