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Figure 9-17. Checking and creating the .ssh directory
After you are in the directory, you will need to create a new file called
authorized_keys if one doesn't already exist. Use the ls command to check
whether the file already exists.
To create the authorized_keys file, if it does not exist, simply run the command
touch authorized_keys . This will create an empty file, as shown in Figure 9-18.
Figure 9-18. Checking for and creating the authorized_keys file
You will then need to add your computer's public key to the authorized_keys
file. Edit the file using vi authorized_keys. If there is already content within the
authorized_keys file, you will need to use the arrow key to go down to the
bottom of it, and then hold down Shift + I (insert). Once at the bottom, paste the
public key into the file, as shown in Figure 9-19.
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