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Figure 9-7. Checking the color scheme for staged/unstaged files
With your files now committed to the local repository, it's now time to push it to
a remote repository.
It's always good to work with a remote repository, even if you are working on
your own for a project. The main reason for this is that if something happens to
your computer, you have a constant backup of not just your project, but all of
your previous commits and changes.
The remote repository of choice for this topic is GitHub. It is, without a doubt,
one of the most popular repository services available today, offering free (but
public) project source-code hosting space for hundreds and thousands of open
source development projects.
First, head over to and sign up for a free account and public
repository called ci . Follow the instructions to set up your Git SSH keys for your
local machine.
After you have set up the SSH keys and successfully tested them by attempting
to log into through terminal, go back to your project page on You should see something similar to Figure 9-8.
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