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this.multiply = function(value){
_result = _result * value;
return _result;
* Divides a value from the current result and returns the new value
this.divide = function(value){
_result = _result / value;
return _result;
Now when you run the unit tests in your mobile browser, the result bar should
go green when you reload your mobile web browser, as shown in Figure 9-4.
You can tap on any of the unit test results to see the assertions that were run.
Figure 9-4. Passed unit tests
With the unit tests in place, it's now time to create a local Git repository for your
calculator project.
Working with Git and GitHub
Now that you have a few files in your project, it's time to create a local
repository. As mentioned earlier in the chapter, Git is a distributed SCM system.
This allows you to commit to a local repository with no network connection and
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