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Figure 2-4. Facebook Touch and Twitter mobile web sites make it easy to share and consume content.
Twitter's core functionality can be found in its top toolbar. A clear action button
to share content is highlighted in blue with a distinctive icon. Upon logging in,
the user knows that this is a button to share content if they have used the twitter
web site. This same design pattern now resonates through the desktop, mobile,
and web versions of Twitter.
Entertainment-based applications are primarily created to satisfy a need to
overcome some form of boredom. The solution to this comes in many forms,
from the obvious games to delivering music and video content. Entertainment
applications are usually designed to immerse the user within the application's
environment. This can be achieved even with the most basic HTML5 games
available on the mobile web today.
Web Apps vs. Native Apps
A cause for great debate and discussion during the past few years has been
whether to build a project as a native app or a mobile web app. There are
advantages and disadvantages to both. However, it is important to remember
that the solution you choose should be picked based on the requirements for
your specific project and your own capabilities as a developer. Most importantly,
pick the solution that will get your project finished the quickest!
There are a few factors that will help you make the decision as to whether to
create a mobile web app or a native application.
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