HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
@-moz-keyframes posteranimation {
0% { top: 0%; }
100% { top: -80%; }
@-webkit-keyframes posteranimation {
0% { top: 0%; }
100% { top: -80%; }
Last but not least, we need to style the movie footer, which is a really simple
style. It will position the footer at the bottom of the view. The footer can also
contain a back button which needs to be styled with an image. Place the code
from Listing A-2, found in the appendix, at the end of the SASS file.
Your final movie view should look like Figure 8-7.
Figure 8-7. Final movie info page
Putting It All Together
With all of your JavaScript and SASS files in place, it's now time to update your
HTML to make use of all of the new code.
This is a really simple process. Open the index.html file and add the following
code to the bottom, just before the closing body tag.
<!-- Load all of the JavaScript dependencies -->
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