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if(value.length > 0){
} else {
_searchTimeout = setTimeout(function(){;
}, 1000);
The reason for setting a timeout on the input is so that a request isn't
sent as soon as a user types a letter. As you can't cancel a JSONP
request and the request may come back in a random order, it's best to
avoid a situation where lots of requests are made at any one time by
setting a one-second timer.
The full code for the bind method can be seen next.
* Binds the search form
this.bindSearchForm = function(){
* Here you add an event listener to the search filed using
* the focus event listener. If there's a value, then show the
* results.
_searchfield.addEventListener('focus', function(){
if(this.value.length > 0){
* Add an event listener to the submission of the form.
* This will prevent the form from being submitted
* and sent to another page. Instead, we capture the
* event and trigger the search action.
_searchform.addEventListener('submit', function(e){
var value = _searchfield.value;
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