HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information = function appModelVideo(title, length, posterframe){
* The video's instance variables
var _title,
_sources = [],
self = this;
You can create accessors for the _sources instance variable. As it isn't
imperative toward the function of the object's immediate instance, it doesn't
need to be in the constructor.
The accessors for the _sources instance variable consists of a method to add
single source instances, remove and get instances from the array based on an
index, retrieve the full array, or overwrite the array with a new array. The
accessors can be seen in the following code snippet. = function appModelVideo(title, length, posterframe){
* Gets all of the video sources used for embedding video
* in POSH
* @return {Array}
this.getSources = function(){
return _sources;
* Sets all video sources using an array
* @param {Array} sources
this.setSources = function(sources){
* Clears the sources array
__sources.length = 0;
* Rather than setting the sources all in one go,
* you use the addSource method, which can handle
* any validation for each source before it's
* added to the object
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