HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<!-- End Taskbar -->
<!-- Begin Movie List Deck -->
<div class="deck">
<div class="card active" id="card-favorite_list">
<div class="card" id="card-movie_search_results">
<div class="card" id="card-movie_info">
<!-- End Movie List Deck -->
As you can see from the preceding code, there are several changes to <div />
IDs and classes. The content from the individual cards has also been removed.
This is because, in this chapter, you will learn about how to create reusable
HTML snippets, called views, in JavaScript. This will allow you to keep your
HTML and view logic outside of the application's main code and in its own
maintainable file.
MVC and a JavaScript Primer
JavaScript is based on the ECMAScript standard. We were blessed by
JavaScript's popularity toward the end of the twentieth century, when the web
site helped to bring JavaScript to the forefront of the Web.
Then, just as Web 2.0 was the buzzword for the collection of popular web
technologies (such as Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML) and concepts
(including APIs, RSS, social media, and mass content production and
consumption) several years ago, DHTML became the buzzword for making use
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