HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
maintained, it means that you will have to learn a new library or maintain the one
that has just been abandoned.
CSS3 Support
Many libraries are now updating their code to take advantage of the
enhancement in GPU support for CSS3 animations and transitions. You should
check your library to ensure that it supports or has a roadmap for CSS3
transitions and animations over JavaScript animations and transitions. This will
provide performance enhancements for your application.
From this chapter, you should have a much greater understanding of JavaScript
in general and the new capabilities that mobile brings you.
You should be able to distinguish the difference between procedural JavaScript
and object-oriented JavaScript, and that passing objects into each other is a
much better concept and principle than calling functions in the global
You should also have a brief understanding of scope within JavaScript and how
to maintain it between objects through closures and the use of _self = this .
You should also have a brief understanding of how to handle touch events in
JavaScript and that by tapping into this, you can produce much richer
This chapter has touched on Canvas in great detail. You should have an
understanding of how HTML5 Canvas works and the idea behind context and
the drawing APIs, such as arc , fillRect , and the style APIs, such as lineStyle
and fillStyle .
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