HTML and CSS Reference
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this.drawStop = function(){
var width = 20,
height = 20,
x = - (width / 2),
y = - (height / 2);
context.fillStyle = '#A0A0A0';
context.fillRect(x, y, width, height);
As you can see, you declare the width and height of the stop icon as 20 , so that
they can be referenced later. You also calculate the x coordinate by getting the
canvas's center x coordinate minus half of the width of the rectangle. This will
center the stop icon horizontally.
Next, the y coordinate is set in much the same way, by halving the height of the
canvas (its center) and subtracting half of the stop icon's height. This then
places the stop icon in the center of the canvas vertically, as shown in Figure
7-7. Combining these two calculations will completely center the stop icon
within the canvas.
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