HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Before compiling the mobile.scss file, you will need to create the appropriate
SASS files.
Go ahead and create them, remember that SASS partials require an _
(underscore) at the beginning of their file name in order for them to be
recognized for importing.
You will need to create the empty files shown in Figure 6-2.
Figure 6-2. SASS partials
You will notice that there is a file called _reset.scss. If you're not familiar with
Eric Meyer's reset css file, reset stylesheets are used to create a level playing
field for CSS styling across browsers. This is because browsers can have varied
default stylings for certain elements such as different margins, padding and font
size. Reset stylesheets set new predictable defaults for the most used HTML
elements. Be warned that some, particularly Eric Meyer's will reset fonts so that
they have no stying whatsoever, this is useful, but you have to remember that
for elements that have default font styling such as <pre /> will have the same
typeface as the <body /> .
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