HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Laying the CSS3
In the last chapter, you focused on learning some of the new features of CSS3
and how to use SASS to make your life much easier. In this chapter you will put
some of this new knowledge into practice to begin creating the visual
foundations of your mobile web application. Most of the elements within the
momemo application such as searching, viewing and favouriting movies are
handled and generated with JavaScript, so styling those elements will be
covered in Chapter 8.
Before you begin to create any application, you will usually have to go through
the laborious task of bootstrapping. This entails setting everything up such as
the framework of the application from which you will build upon. Although this is
a very menial and boring task, it's important to get it right, as the rest of your
application can really benefit from a solid foundation to work from.
In this chapter you will learn how to take advantage of partials in SASS to allow
you to organize your CSS in separate files in such a way that it doesn't have an
impact on load time. You will also create the basic framework of your
application including creating a stylesheet to improve the quality of images on a
high resolution display and creating the basic layout of your application.
You will need to download the image pack for the application and place this in
your applications image (img) folder.
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