HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
To compile a SASS file within Aptana Studio, create a new file called
mobile.scss anywhere in your project (you can delete it after) and add the
following code.
.test {
background: #000000;
.test2 {
background: #FFFFFF;
Click on Commands Sass Compile SASS. This will generate a new CSS file in
the same location as the SCSS file. You will need to refresh the App Explorer to
see the new file. The shortcut to Compiling SASS is cmd + shift + r (CTRL +
Shift + r on Windows and Linux). Press 1 when the dialog shown in Figure 5-18
Figure 5-18. Compiling SASS using the cmd + shift + r command
After your new CSS file appears, open it. You should see the following code.
.test {
background: #000000; }
.test .test2 {
background: #FFFFFF; }
A big SASS file can become hard to maintain and very long to scroll through! In
Aptana Studio, you can use code folding to show and hide SASS styles to make
it easier to browse, as shown in Figure 5-10.
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